Online code formatter

Evernyone have same question in their mind?


What are the best online code beautifier and formatter out there? I’m not asking for highlighters. Any language will do?


As per our opinion, we should make habit to format all code regarding to Css, Html ,Php code with proper formatting.


We can use following tools for formatting:


50 Extremely Useful PHP Tools

Web Tool of the Week is a free CSS prettifer that turns your unorganized CSS into neatly formatted code. ProCSSor.comis a simple to use app that allows you to input your CSS and format is according to your coding preferences.

I’m the type of web designer who loves neat code. I would gladly spend an afternoon just formatting my code to make sure it looks neat and organized. In fact, such is extent of my obsession that I have in the past spent ages changing the name of a variable throughout an entire PHP website just because a database field changed (for example, from $sDateAdded to $sDateJoined). For anybody like me, is absolutely perfect.

To start off, you can add your CSS in three ways:

  • Paste the code directly
  • Upload a CSS file
  • Enter the URL of a CSS file