Marketing Techniques By Facebook

The most successful companies on Facebook are those that step out from behind their logo and let the people behind the brand represent their Facebook page. The goal is to communicate with your fans as though you were talking to your friends, and let your personality come through in each post.


For example, I randomly selected these marketing strategies from each category:

  1. Fans: Ask fans to share
  2. Events: Host a scavenger hunt
  3. Contests: Crowdsource fan content (photos)
  4. Share: Give away a prize
  5. Ongoing: Hold a photo contest
  6. Collaboration: Integrate with other sites (your own or colleagues’)
  7. QR Codes: Use QR code to link to scavenger hunt clues, locations, and a map
  8. Ads: Create ad to promote the contest

Combine all these for a scavenger hunt campaign: use QR codes to post clues for mobile devices, link to a Google map and locations, integrate the campaign on your blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn, ask fans to submit photos of the sites on the scavenger hunt, and do an ad promoting it. Let fans select the winner by voting, a hugely successful Facebook technique, as contest participants ask their friends to vote by visiting your page.


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